The Song Remains

People of the Warsaw Ghetto merged with a map of the Nazi occupation of Poland

דאָס ליד איז געבליבן

Welcome to our collection of Yiddish poems with English translations from Nazi German occupied Poland. We’ll be publishing one new poem per week into 2027, so be sure to subscribe to get free weekly updates.

  • Los Angeles, California and Wellington, New Zealand
    10 May 2024

    The Song Remains, an online anthology of over 160 Yiddish poems by 36 authors with English translations, will be launched on 20 May at 12 noon PDT / 21 May 7am NZST in an online event. 

    You can register to attend the free online event at

    The poems were written in Nazi-occupied Poland during the Second World War, compiled by Binem Heller, and published in Warsaw in 1951. The collection holds the treasure of creative poetry written by people who were imprisoned, starved, and ultimately murdered. The poems cover a wide range of themes, from the light-hearted love of nature, to the trials of coming of age in the Ghetto, and ultimately trying to come to terms with hatred, destruction, and death. The English translations are by Dr Sarah Traister Moskovitz, a 96 year old native Yiddish speaker and professor emerita from California State University, Northridge.

    The site will publish one poem per week in both English and Yiddish over the next three years. Visitors can subscribe to receive these poems for free by email at