Tag: Mordkhe Gebirtig

  • Farewell, my Kraków

    Farewell, my Kraków! / Farewell my dear / The wagon waits before my house /and mad enemies are here drive me out / like you would cruelly chase a dog

  • March of the Unemployed

    Mordkhe Gebirtig / One Two Three Four / unemployed are we / haven’t heard month’s long / the factory’s hammering sound / tools lay cold forgotten / rust has made them rotten / and we walk around the streets / like the wealthy here and there / like the wealthy here and there

  • About Mordkhe (Mordechai) Gebirtig

    Mordkhe (Mordechai) Gebirtig was born Markus Bertig in Kraków on 4 May 1877, and is one of the best known Yiddish poets. He trained as a carpenter, but his true passion was the theater. He published his first book of poetry in 1920, and made many of his poems into songs.