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  • About Sholem Zhirman

    Sholem Zhirman (1909-1941) was born in Vilnius, and worked as a carpenter in his father’s workshop. He was jailed on several occasions for his activities in the revolutionary movement. He published his first poems in Warsaw’s Literarishe Tribune. He was confined in the Bereza Kartuska concentration camp between 1933 and 1939, where he contracted tuberculosis…

  • About Kalman Lis

    Kalman Lis (1903-1942) was born in Kovel, Volhynia, in modern day Ukraine, to a family with rural roots. Lis studied in a traditional kheder, then in a Polish gymnazie, and in Vilnius and Warsaw high schools. He specialized in the care of Special Needs Children. From 1937 until his death, he was in charge of…

  • About Y L Kohn

    Y L Kohn (1905-1940) was born in Warsaw, and worked as a metal worker. He wrote children’s literature as well as poetry, mainly in publications of the Bund. He was killed in Russia in 1941.