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  • About Miryem (Miriam) Ulinover

    Miryem (Miriam) Ulinover nee Hirshbein (1890-1944) was born in Łódź, educated traditionally and finished Folkshul. She was one of a very few Orthodox Jewish women poets in her time. As she was orphaned young, she was raised by her beloved Grandmother. Ulinover was a very popular poet in Łódź, who wrote about everyday things. She…

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    My friend the dreaming poet / is full of sunset wine, / On his flute he sadly plays / the song of loss of better days and time

  • About M Goldshteyn (Moyshe Bershling)

    M Goldshteyn is a pseudonym for Moyshe Bershling (1900?-1941), who was born in Piaski. He later lived in Łódź and Bialystok, where he worked as a Jewish history teacher.

  • About Shloyme (Shlomo) Burshteyn

    Shloyme (Shlomo) Burshteyn (1920-1943) was born in Białystok, and began writing poetry at age 17. He was confined in the Białystok ghetto, where he was active in the underground. He later spent a short time in the Łódź Ghetto before being deported to the Bliżyn concentration camp where he was murdered in 1943.

  • About Hinde Nayman

    Hinde Grin-Nayman (1916-1944) was born in Łódź and spent her youth there. After studying literature and chemistry at Warsaw University, she started publishing poetry in Yiddish and Polish in 1934. She wrote a novel about Jewish student life that was never published. She and her husband Yerakhimiel Grin were imprisoned in the Janów concentration camp,…