Tag: Białystok

  • About Yakov (Dzhek) Gordon

    Yakov (Dzhek) Gordon was born in Bialystok in 1914. He was killed as a partisan in the woods around Białystok. Several of his poems were published in the anthology Lider fun di getos un lagern (Poems from the ghettos and camps). Not much is known about his life.

  • About M Goldshteyn (Moyshe Bershling)

    M Goldshteyn is a pseudonym for Moyshe Bershling (1900?-1941), who was born in Piaski. He later lived in Łódź and Bialystok, where he worked as a Jewish history teacher.

  • About Shloyme (Shlomo) Burshteyn

    Shloyme (Shlomo) Burshteyn (1920-1943) was born in Białystok, and began writing poetry at age 17. He was confined in the Białystok ghetto, where he was active in the underground. He later spent a short time in the Łódź Ghetto before being deported to the Bliżyn concentration camp where he was murdered in 1943.